About HardwareServices

HardwareServices is a division of Hardware Group, an international provider of advanced IT solutions, services and support.

Conceived in 2003, Hardware Group is made up of four distinct divisions: HardwareSolutions, HardwareServices, HardwareLifecycle and HardwareCloud.

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HardwareServices provides a range of end-to-end services to support your IT infrastructure and prepare your business for the evolving technological landscape.

Our comprehensive suite of services ensures complete support pre-, during and post- implementation. This can range from full project management and execution to one-off services that complement the expertise of your own IT department.

By delivering competencies and knowledge to address any gaps in your in-house team, we are able to help you realise your IT aspirations with ease and efficiency and ensure your IT capabilities are fully aligned with your organisational strategies.

With an impressive collection of multi-vendor accreditations, our team of skilled consultants are able to deliver an exceptional level of expertise across an extensive range of products. This means we are able to offer advice and support to optimise both your existing equipment and any new systems you are looking to invest in.

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified , HardwareServices exceeds industry standards through our exceptional SLAs and service quality. Committed to high standards, continuous improvement, efficiency and legislative compliance, we offer reassurance and clarity to our customers at all times.

Hardware Group Divisions

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About Hardware Group

Key vendors (6)
Vendor accreditations (11)
Expert engineers (14)
Offices worldwide (6)
Years of experience (11)

Key Metrics

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
  • 2:1 sales to technical ratio
  • Offices in UK, USA, Nordics and South Africa
  • Shipping to 140 countries
  • 10% year-on-year growth