I-Switch Business Transformation Services

What Is I-Switch

Our I-Switch business transformation services provide a clear route for organisations to reach their financial and technological objectives. I-Switch pulls expertise and resources from across Hardware Group divisions that enable us to offer a comprehensive set of services that help you mitigate risk, manage compliance issues and deliver projects on time and within budgetary parameters.

How can it help my Business?

i-Switch takes organisations on a journey of business transformation. By providing a clear step by step route we give you the control, reassurance and confidence to arrive at your destination with speed, efficiency and without any wrong turns. Our range of end-to-end services are designed to support your IT infrastructure and prepare your business for the evolving technological landscape. By delivering competencies and knowledge to address any gaps in your in-house team, we are able to help you realise your IT aspirations with ease and efficiency and ensure your IT capabilities are fully aligned with your organisational strategies. Not only can we assist with greenfield projects, but we can also guide you through transitioning to new technologies, vendors and providing a complete suite of services for your legacy assets.

Project Lifecycle Line

Our Project Line will guide you through a complete project lifecycle, ranging from initial audit through to Network Monitoring of your new system.

Asset Lifecycle Line

Journey through our Asset Lifecycle line and look at the options available for your organisations legacy assets.

Vendor Migration Line

Our Vendor Migration line provides a clear route to avoid vendor lock in and transition to the latest technology from alternative vendors.

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