Pre-configuration Services

IT Pre-Configuration Services

A large-scale rollout of data communications equipment to multiple locations takes a huge amount of planning and resource. Ensuring all equipment arrives fully configured with the correct software versions, in the right locations, within the tight timescales assigned is no small feat.

Our pre-configuration services ensure your exact configuration requirements are met prior to equipment dispatch. From upgrading memory or flash, through to applying configuration files, our team of highly trained and experienced engineers can ensure that all your devices arrive at the correct locations ready to be installed.

Benefits Of Pre-Configuration

Pre-configuring equipment with the necessary upgrades, software versions and memory can dramatically reduce installation time and mishaps during large-scale rollouts.

  • Minimise the risk of DOA equipment
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Asset tag equipment
  • Apply configuration parameters

Pre-Configuration Services

Pre-configuration services offered by HardwareServices include:

System software upgrades
We can install additional memory or enhanced system software.

Pre-build equipment
We can install modules and interface cards to ensure compatibility with system software and will match any build instructions that you may supply.

Applying configuration
Our technicians can load your defined configuration files onto any equipment we supply meaning, in the case of a multi-site rollout, we can deliver direct to each location, simplifying the process.

We can test all equipment eliminating the possibility of DOA type failures.

Asset tagging
Asset tagging can be performed to ensure easy identification and inventory control. All information regarding tags and serial numbers will then be passed to you.

We can create a virtual copy of a hardware device so that an exact replica can be installed onto another device at any time ensuring the same software and operating systems will be in place.

Working With HardwareServices

Our pre-configuration services adhere to the following processes:

  • Project brief
  • Equipment configuration
  • Quality control
  • Equipment delivery

Project brief

Our technical team will work with you to define a full brief and develop a process to be followed by our configuration technicians.

Equipment configuration

Our technicians will get to work ensuring all equipment is configured to your exact specifications.

Quality control

As an ISO accredited company, we ensure that all work is quality controlled and will provide you with a complete set of test documentation.

Equipment delivery

Our global logistics centre will deliver your pre-configured equipment to the correct locations within the timescales defined by you.

This service is available as a white-label service, to talk to us or to request a service brochure click here.

Pre-Configuration Services

Item configurations per month (3500)
Deliveries made on time (99.2%)
Square feet of warehouse space (62,000)

Why HardwareServices?

  • Same day delivery on builds and upgrades received before 12am
  • ISO security & quality certified
  • White-label options
  • Online testlog results
  • Guaranteed rapid deployment

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