Pre-Staging Services

Network installation can be a time consuming and costly process. Pre-staging allows for networks to be built and configured in a safe and isolated environment where tests can be carried out prior to installation. This means faults can be eliminated, customisations implemented and experience gained, reducing installation time on site.

With the flexibility to try different physical layouts, software configurations, stress testing and failure scenarios, customers are able to mitigate risk before the network goes live.

We can also provide dedicated technical support to supplement your engineers or to help you build your configurations.

Benefits Of Pre-staging

  • Pre-build and test networks prior to installation
  • Full testing of proposed network designs
  • Sandbox environment to test 'what if' scenarios and performance under load
  • Refine configurations before the network goes live when they become harder to change
  • A safe and hands-on environment for engineer training
  • Pre-configure equipment
  • Reduce onsite installation time

Pre-Staging Services

Failure and stress testing
We have dedicated network testers in-house that can be used to deliver traffic load and high levels of routing information into the test network to see how it performs under extreme or unfavourable conditions which may occur as a result of heavy network traffic, process loading, under-clocking, over-clocking and maximum requests for resource utilisation.

Capacity planning
We can test the maximum capacity of your network system to enable you to plan for the changing demands of your organisation.

Engineer training
Our pre-staging centre offers a safe, hands-on training environment for engineers and allows them to become familiar with the products before the system is rolled out.

Interoperability testing
We can provide access to additional network hardware so you can see how your new infrastructure operates alongside more legacy equipment.

Contingency planning
We can introduce faults and failures into the system. Whilst these would hopefully never be seen in the live environment, testing them in the pre-staging environment means contingency plans can be put in place.

Virtual server environment
VMware can be provided allowing you to use images of your own servers to see how they perform within the new network.

Working With HardwareServices

Our dedicated pre-staging facility boasts the following features:

  • Cooling and power
  • Flexible racking
  • Remote access
  • Dedicated technical support

Cooling and power

With 54Kw of total cooling and a 125Amp 3-phase surge-protected mains feed, HardwareServices has provided sufficient cooling and power to allow us to build even the most demanding solutions.

Flexible racking

We have built a flexible work-space and use open racking which allows full access to the equipment for rapid cabling and installation.

Remote access

We can provide remote access via Opengear console servers which allow you to access any piece of equipment via the web.

Dedicated technical support

We can provide expert technical support to supplement your engineers or to help build your configurations.

This service is available as a white-label service, to talk to us or to request a service brochure click here.

Pre-Staging Services

Cooling power (54kw)
3-phase surge-protected mains feed (125Amp)
Expert engineers (17)

Why HardwareServices?

  • Remote access to pre-staging facility
  • Build configurations prior to deployment
  • Migration planning
  • Defined support procedures
  • Stress testing
  • Resilience and redundancy testing

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