Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

At HardwareServices, we understand the importance of offering technical support right from the point of first enquiry. We therefore have a team of expert technical consultants on hand to help answer any queries you may have about the technology you are considering.

With a host of multi-vendor accreditations, our engineers are extremely well positioned to provide balanced expert advice on the right technical solution to meet your specific needs. They provide an accessible and reassuring link between technical information and the real-world problems that you and your organisation face.

Benefits Of Technical Consultancy

  • Gain clarification on any uncertainties you may have prior to purchase
  • Receive advice on the best solution to suit your needs
  • Make decisions with full understanding and confidence
  • Obtain a recommended product list from our engineers

Working With HardwareServices

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Technical advice

Dedicated account manager

Your dedicated account manager will be your first point of contact for any enquiries you make and will ensure all your needs are met.

Technical advice

If you would like further technical advice, just ask your account manager and they will put you in touch with one of our technical team.

This service is available as a white-label service, to talk to us or to request a service brochure click here.

Technical Consultancy

Multi-vendor accreditations (11)
Expert engineers (14)

Why HardwareServices?

  • Vendor-independent advice
  • 2:1 sales to technical ratio
  • Proven product methodology
  • ISO security & quality certified

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